Pascucci tele stampate a mano di romagna


How to identify the originality of a printed cloth of Romagna?

The patterns and colors of the print are visible also on the reverse of the cloth On the reverse the non homogeneous and imperfect features are more visible.

Unlike the result of a serigraphic print, which has a plain hue and uniformed colors, the hand printed pattern, due to several factors, can have shades and different color distribution.

The hand printed pattern is the result of a composition (as combination) of prints, so it might have little gaps and connections.

Also the repetition of the same pattern, due solely to the hand-made nature of the process, can have differences.

In the label, applied on each article, the mark of Associazione Stampatori Tele Romagnole (Association of the printmakers of Romagna) guarantees the originality of the product.